Loan Programs

Are you looking for a commercial mortgage lending company that offers a wide variety of loan programs and benefits to borrowers? You’ve come to the right place.

At Canella Loans, we care about your investments as much as you do and offer our services to ensure you get the best and quickest deals with the least amount of hassle and worry. Let us handle the entire process and you can enjoy the benefits of our labor and increase your wealth.


Fix & Flip Loans allow borrowers to make a quick return on their investment while stimulating communities.

At Canella Loans, we proudly support the cause and offer our services to help you finance your purchase with our Fix & Flip loan program. You only need to invest a small percentage of the total cost, and we handle the rest.


You can now refine your long-term investment strategy with our flexible borrower terms and a low-document process. At Canella Loans, our Rental Loan Program is underwritten as a lite documentation loan but with standard type terms and rates.


Get your quick access to funds, flexible terms, and experienced team associate to assist you every step of the way. Take advantage of our exceptionally fast service, and never worry about property financing issues.


A great source of quick capital, construction loans are for investors looking to purchase or refinance land and build a new non-owner occupied single family home. At Canella Loans, we know how expensive these projects can be and offer our services to help reduce the cost and burden for you.

Want to apply for our loan programs ?

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